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Many people who are victimized in accidents caused by the negligence of others immediately conclude that the negligent party will pay for everything, no matter what. This conclusion is only partially correct. An injured person must work to keep their damages to a minimum. They must mitigate their damages. As an example, you rent a car while your vehicle is…Read More

In a personal injury case, many injured parties think the most important part of the process is resolving the case at the highest amount with the negligent driver’s liability carrier, either through settlement or verdict. While this is an essential step, just as important is locating and reducing (compromising) medical liens. You don’t want to settle your claim today and…Read More

We at Select Law, have plenty of canine family members that faithfully wait for us at home. No matter how tough our day at work, we know we can expect a wagging tail, a lick on the face and plenty of affection once home. This article was written by a dog-friendly attorney in a dog-friendly firm. On The Receiving End:…Read More

The best method for collecting information after a motor vehicle accident is to have a police officer memorialize everything in an accident report. The officer will list the date, time and location of an accident and the name of the driver as well as the owner of the other vehicle. The other driver’s insurance company and policy number will also…Read More

The cause of the accident is clear. The guy behind you fell asleep at the wheel after a night of drinking alcohol. His actions forced you to incur medical bills, car repairs and lost wages. You also missed out on a non-refundable, pre-paid vacation to a Caribbean resort. On top of that, you have a permanently injured back that will…Read More

If the attempt to settle your case fails, a lawsuit is usually filed against the negligent party in a personal injury claim. The lawsuit is filed against the person and not against his or her insurance company. In the old days, a party could hide the star witness, the surprise document or the winning legal theory from the opponent and…Read More

In most cases, your attorney will try to settle your personal injury case before filing a lawsuit and engaging in potentially expensive litigation.  When any attorney places your case in litigation, he will be spending your money for filing fees, service fees, deposition expenses and expert witness fees.  If your case could have been settled before incurring these expenses, then…Read More

The adverse insurance company won’t make you a decent settlement offer so you are forced to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver. At the time of filing the lawsuit, your attorney must tell the Court whether the case is subject to compulsory arbitration or whether it may proceed directly to a jury trial. Your attorney (hopefully with your input)…Read More

A deposition is the taking of oral testimony from parties and witnesses while these individuals are under oath.  Depositions are authorized by the State’s Rules of Civil Procedure.  If you are the injured party in a lawsuit, your deposition is likely to be scheduled by the defendant’s attorney in that attorney’s office.  Prior to your deposition, Parham will meet with…Read More

In first semester law school, every student learns in Contract Law class that any counter-proposal to an offer effectively removes that offer from the table.  As an example, you are offered $12,000.00 by someone who desires to purchase your vehicle.  You tell the potential buyer that you will accept $15,000.00 (but you would have accepted the $12,000.00 offer if it…Read More

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