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CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES Personal injury damages are not just limited to medical bills, wage loss and pain and suffering. An accident victim is entitled to receive compensation for any damage suffered that is a consequence of another’s negligence.

A motor vehicle accident victim may be bedridden for a period of time. This may require him or her to hire a home health aide to come to the home to cook and clean for the injured party until he or she is able to resume domestic duties. The home health aides bill is compensable but it should be supported by a doctor’s note, placing the injured party on bed rest or at least acknowledging that he or she cannot/should not perform these duties for a period of time.

A landscaper’s charges may be compensable if the insured party performed those chores prior to the accident but was unable to do them for a period of time after the accident. Again, a doctor’s note supporting the injured party’s need for a landscaper is important.

The same holds true for taxi, bus, Uber/Lyft fare if the person cannot drive due to injuries such as fractured arms or legs.

Other not-so-obvious damages might include lost vacation deposits and payments (when your doctor tells you that you cannot travel) or that Suns ticket that was wasted because you couldn’t get to the game that night.

As with all damages, proof is the key, whether by receipts, doctor’s notes, e-mails, copies of tickets and any other document that supports your loss.

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