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RENTAL CARThe hottest issue motor vehicle accident victims have immediately after an accident is a rental car. Amazingly, most seem to make this a priority over seeking medical treatment. In doing so, they often place their bodily injury claim at risk by over-cooperating with an adverse insurance company by giving a recorded statement.

The other driver’s insurance company is responsible for paying your reasonable rental charges if their insured’s negligence caused the accident and your property damage. Payment may not happen immediately as they have to investigate the accident before agreeing to compensate you for your rental vehicle. The investigation usually includes talking to their insured, interviewing witnesses and obtaining a copy of the accident report. This investigation may take a week or more.

If your vehicle is drivable and safe for the streets, do not rent a vehicle and expect the adverse carrier to pay for it. Drivable vehicles can only be replaced by rental vehicles where the former is in the shop being repaired.

If your vehicle is not drivable or not safe for street use and the adverse carrier has not completed its investigation, you may be forced to rent a vehicle on your own until the carrier gets up to speed and places you in a direct bill rental. Most larger insurance carriers have relationships with rental agencies. In a direct bill, the carrier will deal directly with the rental agency and pay your bill.

Here are some tips when renting a vehicle through direct billing or self-pay:

  • Rent an economy car instead of an upgraded vehicle, unless your job or family depends on a vehicle other than an economy car (ex: family of 7 may need a minivan).
  • Try to keep the daily rental at about $50.00 or less, if possible.
  • You often don’t need to buy additional insurance. Make sure your insurance policy includes Collision and Comprehensive Coverage if you decide not to purchase insurance from the rental company. If your personal policy includes Collision and Comprehensive Coverage, your personal insurance will most often transfer to the rental vehicle, but check with your agent first. If you don’t have collision coverage on your personal policy, you may want to add it to the rental.
  • You are responsible for paying for gas and additional insurance purchased.
  • Return the vehicle when instructed or you may have to pay for the extra days out-of-pocket.

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