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Welcome To Select Law

Welcome To Select Law

Select Law was founded on one vital philosophy. We promise to offer you a client-centered approach where our attorneys truly work for you. We put our clients’ needs in the foreground of each case. We guarantee no attorney fees unless you win your claim and receive compensation, making us an excellent fit for you. Additionally, you will have direct and unlimited access to your attorney. We have a proven track record of being highly serviceable and proactive for our clients and look forward to offering you the same level of attention we are known for.

Have you been the victim of another party’s recklessness? You may have been driving your car or perhaps enjoying a day on a bicycle or a motorcycle. Or maybe you have experienced a car accident or a slip and fall injury. You may even be a victim of a defective product. Or perhaps you require a personal injury lawyer for a case of wrongful death, for example, cases that may arise from instances of medical malpractice cases.

If you have not been injured in one of the accidents mentioned above, you may be unsure whether you have a valid personal injury claim. There are many possible scenarios for a personal injury claim. Contact us today for a free case evaluation to verify whether we can help you get paid for your hardship.

Our Promise To You

Personal Injury Expertise In Arizona And Washington

Personal Injury Expertise In Arizona And Washington

Personal Injury Expertise In Arizona And Washington

Our personal injury law firm is client-focused and has the time for you. For instance, our injury attorneys will not be handling hundreds of cases at once, as is done with many injury law firms. Our lead personal injury attorney, Parham Hakimi, will use proactive and assertive legal strategies to pursue the highest compensation possible.

Having a personalized approach can make or break your claim. Every claim and legal situation Select Law manages is totally unique. No matter where you are in the process of your legal battle, contact Select Law case for a free consultation and case evaluation. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can provide counsel via phone, zoom, or in-person.

A personal injury claim aims to allow injured parties to recover compensation for their injuries and incurred damages. A personal injury lawsuit will allow you to recover financial compensation for an injury or damages when another party is legally responsible for causing the accident. The offending party may be legally liable for damages, including lost wages, medical expenses, or emotional distress. They may be held lawfully accountable due to negligence or by creating the circumstances that led to the injury.

Our Philosophy

With Select Law on your team, you will no longer have to deal with the insurance companies’ games. Whether you live throughout Arizona or Washington State, Select Law attorneys will convey every step and detail, keeping you up-to-date on all aspects of your claim. Our firm believes in your right to a safe, comfortable and speedy recovery without the hassle of dealing with insurance adjusters. We will fight to get you better and paid for your injuries.

Use A Personal Injury Lawyer To Exercise Your Rights

Personal Injury Lawyer To Exercise Your Rights

Use A Personal Injury Lawyer To Exercise Your Rights

When you or a loved one has been hurt, the circumstances of your life may be suddenly altered. For example, you may be out of work and wonder how you will pay your expenses or support your family. Or, you may be immobile and unable to be present at places that need you. Whatever the case, Select Law has an experienced personal injury lawyer in Washington and Arizona that can support you with getting through this challenging time.

Going through a personal injury claim is usually a lengthy and intricate process. Individuals who are not represented by a skilled and experienced lawyer may end up harming their claim and not receive an adequate compensation. Delays in settlement checks may also get in the way if you don’t have the help of an experienced attorney. No matter what you are up against, Select Law will be at your side. Our firm operates in Scottsdale, Arizona & Bellevue, Washington, and our attorneys are available to assist your loved ones seven days a week.

It isn’t always a straightforward process to demonstrate who is responsible for physical harm in a courtroom. Even if you know exactly what happened that led to your injury, insurance companies are crafty when it comes to figuring out ways to reduce or reject claims. Due to the efficiency in which insurance companies often mislead individuals to take responsibility for another person’s carelessness, it is always wisest to only proceed with an injury lawyer.

If you or an acquaintance have experienced a personal injury and requires compensation, be aware that filing your claim with a personal injury claim lawyer at your side is the wisest option to maximize your chances of winning. Our services will significantly improve the odds of your claim’s success, but having an expert manage your case will also ensure that you acquire your settlement check as soon as possible. We also settle any disagreements over who may be responsible for the injury you have sustained by establishing the facts. An experienced personal injury compensation lawyer will also investigate delays in settlements or push to obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

We Will Support You After An Auto Accident

Auto Accident

We Will Support You After An Auto Accident

After an auto vehicle accident, there is no time to ponder what just happened, and emotions are generally high. This is especially true if you have sustained injuries. There are a couple first steps you should take after any car accident situation, before contacting Select Law.

First, it is imperative to have law enforcement on the scene immediately. Having police on the scene immediately allows police to gather witness information and collect photos of the scene, which is critical to the success of your claim. If possible, you should also take pictures of the scene yourself. However, this may not always be possible due to injuries you may have sustained from the car accident. If this is the case, or if you have been injured at all, seek medical treatment immediately. Whether your injuries are severe and you are entirely immobilized or minor, and you don’t think you need much attention, still inform every medical professional you can of every pain point you have. Doing so will ensure that each injury is adequately documented by the medical staff assigned to your case.

You deserve reasonable compensation for your injury or car accident. Recognize that the at-fault insurance company has no interest in assisting you or doing the right thing. Rather, their immediate attraction is to preserve themselves and appeal to the drivers insured under their policy.
After attending to your medical needs and prioritizing your self-care, call Select Law as soon as possible before facing an insurance company.

Remember, do not speak to any insurance company without speaking to a lawyer. Please wait for us to personally investigate your case and gather as much information as possible. Insurance companies do not want to spend money. Thus, they are skilled at not spending money. Instead of subjecting yourself to an insurance company’s crafty representatives, allow us to contact your insurance company and the offending party’s insurance company. That way, you can remain focused on resting and healing while we protect and promote your rights.

Once you have gotten into contact with an attorney here at Select Law, we can then assist you with demonstrating in court that you were not at fault for the accident. With our experienced auto accident attorney by your side, we can ensure that you will be provided with the most robust possible case for your claims, delivered by an expert negotiator.

If you have been hurt by a moving vehicle as a pedestrian, you should also contact us. We will help you acquire the maximum compensation for your suffering. Depending on the accident’s severity, pedestrian accidents may even be fatal. If this is the case, our wrongful death lawyer will be of value to you.

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