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STATUTE OF LIMITATIONSAll personal injury matters have a time limit within which the injured party must file a lawsuit (or take other action) against the person or entity responsible for causing the injury. Generally, this limit is two (2) years from the date of the injury-causing event. There are numerous exceptions to this 2-year statute of limitations. Several of many exceptions include:

Dog Bite:

There is a one (1) year statute of limitations for strict liability dog bite injuries. This means that the individual who owns or controls the dog is automatically responsible for the injury unless the injured party provoked the dog. If this one-year limit is missed, the injured party still has the second year available to file a lawsuit but must prove that the owner was negligent in some manner.

Governmental Defendant:

There is a 180-day Notice of Claim deadline for filing a claim against any state, county or local governmental entity, followed by filing a lawsuit prior to 1 year from the date of the injury-causing incident. The requirements for filing against a governmental entity are set forth in ARS 12-821.01. It should be noted that some governmental entities or political sub-branches are not obvious to the general public such as SRP and irrigation districts.

On the Job Injuries:

One (1) year statute of limitations for injuries caused by another while the injured party was acting in the course and scope of his/her employment. The workers compensation carrier then obtains the right to sue the negligent party during the second year after the event unless this right is reassigned to the injured party by the comp carrier.

Depending on your case type, other statute of limitations could apply; therefore, it is important to speak to your lawyer as soon as possible.

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