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You might be able to avoid hiring a plumber or an electrician and save some money. Or you might have to eventually hire these professionals after you flood your house or cause a fire. When you represent yourself, the first thing the adjuster knows is that you have no clue as to the value of your case. This will cause him to set reserves on your case at a lower amount than if you had legal representation. Reserves refer to the amount of money that is set aside to pay for your claim.

The second thing the adjuster will realize is that you will accept his final offer because you don’t have an attorney on board to sue his insured. Adjusters are bright and they are good at what they do.

In most medium to large cases, you will do better with legal representation, even after legal fees are paid. With a small case, you may or may not do better on your own. You are, however, always safer with a lawyer who will check out multiple insurance policies for compensation and locate and compromise Medicare, Medicaid, hospital and healthcare liens so you don’t get an expensive surprise down the road because you tried to save some money.

My Doctor Says I Will Have These Problems for the Rest of My Life.

While this may be true, you will not get compensated for these permanent injuries unless your doctor addresses them in your medical records. If your doctor doesn’t address future medical treatment, you attorney can ask him to comment on certain permanent injury points in a medical narrative report. Once your doctor identifies the required elements in the narrative report, you stand a much better chance of obtaining just compensation from the adverse carrier.

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