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PERSONAL INJURY CASES - 1166316757The More Medical Bills I Have the More My Case is Worth!

Most clients don’t necessarily put it that way. To a certain extent, it is true that you need necessary medical treatment and accompanying bills to increase the value of your case. At some point, the law of diminishing returns may kick in where bills too high cause the value of your case to plateau or even drop. For instance, if you are getting the same exact treatment month after month but your condition doesn’t improve, your skyrocketing bills may start eating away at your eventual settlement amount and your net proceeds. If treatment isn’t working, get a second opinion.

The More Medical Providers I Treat With, the Bigger My Settlement!

In an effort to resolve their accident-related injuries, some clients will charge ahead without a treatment plan. An injured party will be accused of double dipping if they are receiving duplicate treatment, such as ultrasound, mechanical traction, massage and electric muscle stimulation, from their chiropractor and their physical therapist. An insurance company simply will often not pay for the same treatment from two different providers during the same treatment time. Also, it is important for your chiropractor and medical doctor to know of each other’s existence and work together in your treatment or you may be very disappointed when their medical opinions contradict each other. It is always better to have one provider refer you to the other so as to avoid a doctor shopping defense.

I Just Don’t Feel Like Working. The Other Guy’s Insurance Company Will Pay My Lost Wages!

Again, you still have to prove your damages. You just can’t take time off from work and expect the insurance company to pay you. Either you are not physically able to do your job or your healing requires you to take time off from work. It must be your doctor making this decision and not you. Remember, you still have to prove the amount of your wage loss through documents such as tax returns, paystubs, timesheets and a wage loss letter from your employer.

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