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In this article, you can discover:

  • Why an attorney is so critical to dog bite injury claims.
  • Who is liable in dog bite claims – owners, pet sitters, and insurance companies?
  • What you can do if you know the owner of a pet who has caused you an injury.

What Are The Common Injuries Caused In Dog Bite Cases?

Attacks from pets can often result in bodily disfigurement. These disabling injuries can affect limbs, extremities, and the face. Frequently, dog bites result in scarring, which can cause both physical and psychological distress.

The role of a dog bites lawyer in these cases is to ensure that you can recover damages for every part of your claim – including past, current, and future medical care, as well as compensation for pain and suffering, and more.

Who Is Liable In A Dog Bite Injury Claim? Is There Any Reason A Pet Owner Would Not Be Held Liable?

In the majority of dog bite-related cases, your personal injury attorney will be dealing with the provider of a homeowner’s insurance policy. However, liability can fall on the dog owner, a pet sitter, or the long-term guardian of the dog who attacked you.

Homeowner’s insurance providers may have exclusions for certain breeds, but most policies include a provision for dog-related injuries.

It’s important to note: Most policies do not include liability coverage for exotic animals. If you have been attacked by an exotic animal, it’s crucial to work with an accident attorney who is prepared to work with you on your unique claim.

Do You Need To File A Dog Bite Claim If You Know The Owner?

As we just mentioned, insurance providers are often liable to pay for dog bite-related damages. Because of this, you’ll likely never have to actually sue your friend. Instead, you’ll bring the claim against their insurance company.

Can You Get Compensation For A Dog Bite Injury By Working Directly With The Pet’s Owner Or Their Insurance Company?

One of the most critical roles of an attorney is fulfilled by ensuring that you receive the utmost value for your claim. Insurance companies often do anything that they can to minimize their financial liability to you. Working with an attorney secures the resource of an expert who will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the full amount of coverage that you deserve.

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