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Tax Preparation


Taxpayers either look forward to or dread filing taxes. For some, filing taxes is an opportunity to receive a well-earned tax refund. For those individuals, a tax refund is not just an extra paycheck received once a year; it is the money used for vital needs such as paying off debt, purchasing transportation, or using it for a down payment on a house.

For others, April 15 is a dreaded day that involves writing Uncle Sam a check. The thought of filing taxes and not having the funds to write a check may be so stressful that a taxpayer may not file their tax return at all.

Whether you look forward to or dread filing your taxes, WE CAN HELP!

An excellent tax preparer can help you look forward to filing your taxes by helping you to maximize your tax refund or reduces some filers dread by helping to reduce the taxes owed.

The tax code, as it relates to what is taxable, is simple- every dollar you receive and every dollar you make must be claimed as income, and you must pay taxes on it. The rest of the tax code is all the ways you can reduce or not pay taxes on income; this where an excellent tax professional is vital.

An excellent tax professional will understand your sources of income, your deductions, your credits, and all the other intricacies of tax law to be able to guide you through your tax return and either maximize your refund or minimize your liability.

Here at Select Law, we pride ourselves on tax preparation because we prepare your tax return based on years of tax preparation and tax resolution experience. Our tax professional gives our clients exceptional results because we deal with those mistakes of other tax professionals or the IRS, through the IRS's collection, dispute, and litigation process.

Back Taxes

In addition to preparing current-year tax returns, Select Law, also helps individuals file returns that they were unable to file or simply did not. Our attorneys can work with the IRS to procure any documentation that the IRS maintains for those missing years to help our teams prepare your past tax returns.

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