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Internal Revenue Service

Have you ever been thumbing through your mail and came across an envelope from the IRS? As you frantically try to open it, your thoughts begin to race. What does the IRS want? Why are they writing to me? Is this a scam? Did I pay all my taxes?

As you finally yank the contents from the envelope, you stretch out the trifold letter and begin to read. In bold, you see the IRS is claiming you owe them money, and they want it by the end of the month.

Once again, your thoughts begin to race: Is this a scam? Do I owe this money? Did I file my taxes? What is going to happen if I don't pay by the deadline?

It's at this point you take a deep breath and give our tax attorneys at Select Law a call. We will sit down with you and determine if this is a scam or not. From that point, we will walk you through the contents of the letter and discuss your options moving forward.

If the situation above is similar to your situation, all is not lost. Collection letters from the IRS are just the beginning of the IRS collection process, and you still have many options and solutions. If you are further in the collection process, you should immediately stop reading this website and give our office a call, because time is against you.

If the IRS has done any of the following, please contact us immediately.

Has the IRS:

1. Taken Your Wages?

2. Frozen Your Bank Account?

3. Placed a Tax Lien on Your Property?

4. Filed a Lawsuit Against You?

If you answered yes to any of these, then contact us immediately at 602-910-7525.

We can help you by:

  1. Filing Past Tax Returns,
  2. Setting Up a Payment Plan,
  3. Settling Your Tax Debt For Less,
  4. Filing for Penalty and Fee Abatements, or
  5. Defend your Lawsuit. 

Contact our office to set up a FREE CONSULTATION to get a personalized tax strategy plan!

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